AES Metal - Config.ini

At start-up, AES Metal reads from a file called config.ini, the contents of this file will be used to bypass the internal defaults.
The config.ini is just a text file, if it doesn't exist, it will need to be created (watch out for config.ini.txt, it will not work)

Command rules
  • The commands are not case sensitive
  • They must be typed exactly as shown, i.e. no punctuation or extra spaces
  • One command per line
  • Only the first 512 bytes of the config.ini are read
  • A config.ini is not necessary for AES Metal to run
  • If conflicting commands are given, the first one will be used (see examples)
  • Not all commands need to be given, the others will be set to the internal default

Confidential mode on
  • Hide

Set the operation
  • Encrypt
  • Decrypt

Set the key size
  • Key size 128
  • Key size 192
  • Key size 256

Set the mode of operation
  • Mode CTR
  • Mode GCM
  • Mode OFB
  • Mode CFB
  • Mode CBC
  • Mode ECB
  • Mode PCBC

Set the size of the random number output
  • PRNG 64MB
  • PRNG 128MB
  • PRNG 256MB
  • PRNG 512MB
  • PRNG 1GB
  • PRNG 2GB
  • PRNG 4GB
  • PRNG 8GB
  • PRNG 16GB

Stop the PRNG size changing
  • Lock PRNG

Stop the key size changing
  • Lock key size

Stop the mode of operation changing
  • Lock mode

Disable the IV and key tools
  • Lock all tools

Disable only the IV tools
  • Lock IV tools

Disable only the key tools
  • Lock key tools

Disable specific IV tools
  • Lock IV load
  • Lock IV save
  • Lock IV rand
  • Lock IV copy
  • Lock IV paste
  • Lock IV zero

Disable specific key tools
  • Lock key load
  • Lock key save
  • Lock key rand
  • Lock key copy
  • Lock key paste
  • Lock key zero

Specific tool locking is accumulative, so several IV / key locking commands can be used in conjunction.

Config.ini Examples

Fixed CBC mode of operation and fixed key size of 128
Mode CBC
Key size 128
Lock mode
Lock key size

Conflicting commands. Start-up with Decrypt and CTR selected
Mode CTR

Start-up with a 1GB PRNG selected

Start-up with Decrypt, and a 192 bit key. No IV or Key tools available
Key size 192
Lock all tools

Prevent the IV or Key from being loaded, all other tools are available
Lock IV load
Lock key load