AES Metal - How to decrypt a file with a 256 bit key and GCM

AES Metal

Start AES Metal.

AES Metal Decrypt Button AES Metal 256 bit Key Button AES Metal GCM Button

Make sure Decrypt, 256 Bits and GCM are selected.

AES Metal Open Button

Click the Open button.

AES Metal Open File

Navigate to, and select the file you want to decrypt. Then click Open.

AES Metal Filename

The filename will appear in the adjacent box.

AES Metal SaveAs Button

Click the Save As button.

AES Metal Save File

Navigate to where the decrypted file should be saved to, and type the name you want it saved as.
You should use the original file extension, else it may not automatically open when double-clicked.
Click Save.

AES Metal Filenames

The filename will appear in the adjacent box.
Also, the Start button will turn green.

AES Metal IV Key File

Enter the correct initialization vector and key.

A green Start button only indicates both filenames have been given, not that the IV and Key are correct.

AES Metal Start Button

Click Start to begin decrypting.

AES Metal Working

Progress is shown.

AES Metal Complete

When it has finished decrypting, click OK.