AES Metal - The PRNG

AES Metal

Start AES Metal.

AES Metal PRNG Mode Button

Make sure PRNG is selected on the mode of operation button.

When the PRNG mode is selected, the Open button text label will change to PRNG.

None of the other settings affect the PRNG, internally it always uses a 256 bit key and the counter mode of operation.

AES Metal PRNG Button

Clicking the PRNG button will cycle through the available sizes in the adjacent box.
* In versons prior to V2.03, the PRNG sizes were accessed by shift + left clicking the Open button.

AES Metal PRNG Size Filename

AES Metal SaveAs Button

Click the Save As button.

AES Metal Save PRNG

Navigate to where the file should be saved to, and type the name you want it saved as.
Click Save.

AES Metal PRNG Filenames

The filename will appear in the adjacent box.
Also, the Start button will turn green.

AES Metal Start Button

Click Start to begin.

AES Metal Working

Progress is shown.

AES Metal Complete

When it has finished, click OK.