ASCII Pass Gen - Interface

ASCII Pass Gen

Hide / Show
ASCII Pass Gen Hide Show Buttons
The selected character count, and the random characters are replaced with a "-"
ASCII Pass Gen Confidential

ASCII Pass Gen Copy Button
Copy the current selection to the Windows clipboard.

  • Copy is inactive
  • Copy is active, only after a character selection has been made

ASCII Pass Gen is not a password manager, so will not save anything. Make sure you paste the generated password to a safe place.

ASCII Pass Gen Counter
Shows how many characters are currently selected.

ASCII Pass Gen Update Button
Update the random character window with new content.

  • Update is inactive
  • Update is active, only when there is more than 1 character for the random generator to choose from

Random Characters Window
ASCII Pass Gen Random Characters
The random characters will be displayed here.
Use the mouse to select which characters you want to use, the counter will update accordingly.

ASCII Character Select
ASCII Pass Gen Character Select Buttons
This allows you to adapt the random output to specific character requirements.
Click to select which of the 95 printable ASCII characters you want the random generator to choose from.
Selecting or removing a character will automatically update the random characters window.

  • Red, character is not selected
  • Green, character is selected

Character Group Select
ASCII Pass Gen Group Select
Click to add an entire group of characters (to those already selected).
The x will remove that group.
Selecting or removing a group will automatically update the random characters window.

0 - 9, Numbers
ASCII Pass Gen Numbers

A - Z, Uppercase Letters
ASCII Pass Gen Uppercase

a - z, Lowercase Letters
ASCII Pass Gen Lowercase

Special Characters
ASCII Pass Gen Special

Notification Area
ASCII Pass Gen Notification
Keeps you informed with success or error messages.